Sister Talk meets Frank Widzgowski

Diana Tobien's and Antje Neumann's duo "Sister Talk" (with piano and guitar, and both on vocals) meets the Cottbus based saxophonist and clarinetist Frank Widzgowski: a combination of female sensitivity and male charme. Musically, this trio offers a mix of jazz standards, unforgotten melodies and selected German and English pop music. The sparse instrumentation, great musicianship and emotional depth of this trio make it outstanding and unique.

"Swinging Christmas"

Just in time for the season, this trio presents Christmas songs of German and American origin in jazzy arrangements. Some arrangements are originals, others are inspired by interpretations of jazz stars like Holly Cole or Ella Fitzgerald.


“With two beautiful voices the musicians, originating from Finsterwalde, led with solos and duets into the „Wonderland“, convincing on piano, guitar, percussion and also in accompanying each other with the mostly delicately saxophone and clarinet sounds.“ (J. Weser)

- Lausitzer Rundschau -


„'Great, that „Sister Talk and Widzgowski“ exists', the audience showed with enthusiastic applause.“ (J. Weser)

- Lausitzer Rundschau -


Swinging Christmas

6 pm - Salon 27 - Berlin

"Swinging Christmas"


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