Sister Talk

The sisters Diana Tobien (piano & voice) and Antje Neumann (guitar & voice), who share a musical career since their youth, rediscover themselves under the name „Sister Talk“. In their project they combine jazz, bossa nova and pop music into a conclusive program that gets under your skin, presenting pieces by Chick Corea, Cole Porter, A.C. Jobim, Herbert Grönemeyer, The Beatles and many more.


„Diana Tobien and Antje Neumann ecstasised the audience from the very beginning.“ (T. Poetzsch)

- Lausitzer Rundschau -


„(...) “Sister Talk” convinced with a very particular sound.“  (J. Weser)

- Lausitzer Rundschau -


“Somehow they managed to immediately produce a southern states atmosphere.“  (T. Poetzsch)

- Lausitzer Rundschau -


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